KCK® provides an organizational culture that embraces the transitioning Veteran by creating an environment of success while understanding the challenges of the transition process.

Secure work for our Veterans via cooperative efforts with the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense and other Veteran oriented federal agencies. 

Team with partners who understand the value that Veterans bring to any business opportunity through their commitment to mission and ability to exceed expectations!

Our Team

Our Mission

Employ Veterans and their family members to benefit our Nation and U.S. Federal Agencies.


02.Provide Meaningful employment and ownership opportunities to Veterans and their families.


03.To be the Nations #1 Employer of transitioning Veterans within the Federal Contracting Industry.

About Us

"Our Commitment is to provide our Federal Government customers with the best in our targeted professional services while providing meaningful employment and ownership opportunities to Veterans and their families." 

                                                                                                                           Kent, Campa, and Kate, Inc. 

Carlton Kent

16th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps 

 Kent, Campa and Kate Inc.


Joe Campa

11th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy